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Engineers choose Wolf Hammer Wall for a number of reasons:

We offer a complete cut-off wall installation service backed by 16+ years of expertise. With over 250,000 square feet of installations, we offer a knowledgeable and professional team for your build. We support your project through all stages including; consultation, design, to final construction of your sheet pile wall.

Our expert team will work with you to ensure the project meets your specifications.

We understand that each client and project has unique requirements.

Permeability tests are conducted by independent labs to ensure complete integrity.

Our patented Sure Seal Technology monitoring system produces the most dependable quality assurance in the industry.

We have over 16 years experience in groundwater containment systems projects spanning North America.

Our Hydrophilic or Viton sealants are adaptable with all groundwater contaminants to attain low permeability.

Zero degradation of our FRP Composite sheet piles ensures rectitude over the course of its lifespan.

FRP composite is 75% lighter than similar steel sheet pile, reducing freight costs and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Our FRP Sheet Pile Was Featured in a Recent Hydropower Dam Project

Composite Sheet Piling, The Long Lasting, Environmentally Sensitive Solution.

Longer Lasting

Composite sheet piling does not deteriorate over time, making it a top environmentally friendly solution. With a longer lifecycle than conventional materials, heavyweight composite sheet piling can present a huge opportunity to reduce project cost.

Specially Designed Alternative

Our composite sheet piling has been specifically developed as an alternative to conventional steel sheet piling. Project engineers have specified composite for use instead of steel due to its structural integrity.

Sure Seal Technology, Patented QA Monitoring System for FRP Barrier Walls.

Immediate Detection of Separation

While driving any sheet piling into the ground, it is well known that the sheets can come across large rocks and other underground obstacles unseen from drill and testing holes. These hidden objects can make the sheet joints to come apart, or become "unzippered". This gets rid of the seal and compromises the integrity of the vertical barrier. However, this deterioration is underground and not seen. Damage recognition is usually at a future point, once the containment barrier fails making it paramount to carry out remedial work on the barrier itself. Our Sure Seal Technology monitoring system ensures immediate detection of separation, allowing for any weakness to be rectified when it happens.

Always Know Exactly What's Going On

An engineer’s largest concern is always what if the barrier doesn’t work? Imagine knowing exactly what is going on underground, having eyes in the ground as the containment wall is installed and being able to stop building and repair any issues before going any farther. Our patented Sure Seal Technology is our proprietary electronic monitoring system that leverages the latest monitoring technology in the world to keep track of sheet piling connecting joints as they are driven into the ground.

Sealants, the Integrity of the Containment Barrier Relies on the Sealed Joints.

Precision Hydrophilic Sealant

We use a single component gun-grade hydrophilic water-stop sealant. Solvent free, with superb chemical protection, the hydrophilic sealant readjust to discontinuous surfaces and can enlarge to more than 200% of the initial cured volume. To make sure the highest level of impermeability achievable on expansion, the hydrophilic bead is placed with hand precision using custom machined applicators. Protection from uncontrolled moisture reactions while curing and storing is critical. During sheet pile installation, acute care is taken to preserve the integrity of the sealant from dirt and friction damage with the use of a cleaning shoe.

Matching the Sealant to the Job

The weakest point of any barrier wall is the joint connections. Failure to recognize the appropriate sealant and discern certain application techniques can lead to catastrophe. We go to great lengths to make sure this doesn't materialize. With our 16+ years of experience, we have developed a strong knowledge of: Sealant compatibility with ground soil conditions, application of sealant to conform with the joint structure and protection of the seal during construction.

Spearhead Technology Mandrel, Enabling Lighter Weight Sheet Piling Installation.

Advantages of the Spearhead Mandrel

The Spearhead Mandrel safeguards lighter weight sheet piles when driving them into the ground. Made of ¾ inch sturdy plate steel, the Spearhead Mandrel can be used for most composite, fitting sheets of up to 32inch. The proprietary design ensures consistent driving through tougher soils, such as sand, heavy earth, and gravels. Much the same as steel sheet pile, mandrels will not permeate boulders or cobbles.

Insert Up to Depths of Over 50 Feet

With the use of our Spearhead Technology Mandrel, lightweight composite sheet piles can be inserted to depths of 50 ft plus with no deterioration to the sheets. Driving any sheet piling material to significant depths is a challenging task. Factor in problematic soil conditions and the task becomes much more difficult. To rectify this, we have developed a Spearhead Mandrel, incorporating patented features to enhance the installation of lightweight FRP composite sheet piling. The Spearhead Mandrel can be vibrated into the ground with driving apparatus including conventional cranes, large excavators, and ABI mobilram style equipment.

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