Why Wolf Hammer Walls?

Specialists In Composite Sheet Piling Groundwater Containment Systems

We have more than 16 years of on the job experience, a large network of industry contacts, and a pledge to constant improvement, making us the correct choice for any composite sheet heaping project.

We are consistently developing new methodologies to enhance the proficiency and viability of our products. From pilot test drives, to autonomous lab tests, to our connections with the University of British Columbia, we are focused on finding the best possible result for our customers.

Long Lasting Containment Systems with Quality Assurance & Control.

Our walls are erected instead of steel sheet, slurry, and other styles of containment systems. By offering this option, our clients gain by having environmentally friendly, cost effective solutions for their remediation projects. Using the most compatible sealing techniques, our barrier systems offer in-situ applications to contain toxic wastes, hydrocarbons, and ground waters with abnormal pH levels.

Our FRP composite sheet pile vertical cut-off walls can be installed into the same conditions as steel sheet pilings, and using our Spearhead Technology Mandrel, our composite sheet piles can be driven up to depths of 60 feet with zero deterioration to the sheets.

Projects with Industry Leading Expertise and Effectiveness.

Our organization is continuously finding ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our products and services.

We are committed to finding the best possible results for our clients. From independent lab tests and pilot test drives at our corporate head office, our team of industry leading technicians will design and build high quality installation equipment according to your project requirements. As a company we strive to deliver the kind of result you would expect from one of North America’s top experts in the use of FRP composite sheet piling for groundwater containment systems.


Our FRP Sheet Pile Was Featured in a Recent Hydropower Dam Project

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