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T-Bones | Fresh Meal Market

T-Bones Fresh Meal Market

At T-Bones we love coming to work to help people solve that one question we all ask ourselves everyday - what’s for dinner? We are a locally owned and operated company providing fresh, quality foods servicing our many loyal customers in the Okanagan Valley. We have over 100 mouth watering, made on premise products unique only to T-Bones combined with an amazing selection of dinner items for those with even the most discerning menu and taste. We guarantee you will leave knowing your dinner plans are set. We specialize in providing top-quality, fresh and delicious meats, ready to serve meals, rubs and sauces. Among our range of meats, poultry, and seafood, you will also find house made sausages, unique appetizers, desserts and many custom inspired items that are amazing. We look forward to serving you soon!

5 Locations to Serve You

Kelowna Spall

#105, 1889 Spall Road,
Kelowna B.C.,




West Kelowna

#202, 3710 Hoskins Road,
West Kelowna B.C.,





#110, 300 Riverside Drive,
Penticton B.C.,





#106, 4800 Anderson Way,
Vernon B.C.,




Kelowna Mission

#4624 Lakeshore RD, Kelowna B.C.,




Weekly Specials

We always have specials! Whether it's weekly or monthly, you can expect to find the perfect meal idea at T-Bones. Make sure you check out our flyer or see our current list of items on special.

Interested in a Freezer Pack?

Ordering is Made Easy!

Order by phone or come in to the nearest location. Find the store closest to you here.

Specify your Desired Pack

Pick out your desired freezer pack from our wide selection. Check them out here.

Specify Substitutions

If there's something that you'd like to change... Just Ask! We can swap it for your favorite products.

Specify your Packaging

Tell us how you want it packaged and T-Bone's is happy to wrap your items just for you.

Please Note: 48 Hours notice required for all freezer packs. Packs and pricing may be subject to change without notice.

What Our Customers Say

  • Karen Hanushchak-Williamson
    We are very fortunate to have T-Bones in Kelowna at 1889 Spall Road! The superb quality and selection is equally matched by the stellar staff. Everyone at the Spall location is knowledgeable, friendly and has great senses of humor. They always go the extra mile with a smile. T-Bone's Kelowna is the template for successful business, marketing and community involvement. LOVE the flat iron steaks! LOVE the New York strip steaks! Grill medium rare and drizzle with chocolate balsamic vinegar and top with crumbled gorgonzola cheese. The fillet mignons are gorgeous grilled with sea salt and cracked pepper, the ground beef is perfect for burgers with just sea salt and cracked pepper - extra aged cheddar is a great topper. Rock star dining at home in the Okanagan! Thank you everybody at T-Bone's at 1889 Spall Road!
    Karen Hanushchak-Williamson
  • Jessica Florek
    Your Coconut Crusted Tilapia is to die for. I paired it up with the Armstrong asparagus that is on special this week also at Quality Greens and for $20 fed my family of 4 plus have leftovers for lunch today. And the staff on the Westside are always so friendly!
    Jessica Florek
  • Billiam William
    Just a Shout Out here. Bryan Leslie in Penticton store completely knows how to keep his customers happy and returning to his store. I have been purchasing all my meat products from this store since the day it opened and now that family has moved here ( Penticton ) they are doing the same. My thanks to Bryan for his unwavering customer relations.
    Billiam William
  • Jackie Partridge
    Love t-bones..we go there all the time..always have fresh delicious meat everyone.If you have never been there your truly missing out on a special place.staff at the West kelowna rock..always very friendly and helpful. Tonight we having t- bones again...
    Jackie Partridge
  • Nancy Felice-Arkinstall
    T-Bone's has the highest quality, best tasting meat. The customer service is outstanding. The employees are always polite and very helpful. They stand by their products, no matter what. The BEST meat!
    Nancy Felice-Arkinstall
  • Alisha Proctor
    I have been a fan for years. T-bones is one of the only companies I like getting an email from with their exclusive email deals. However, recently I had an over and above experience! I would like to thank (I believe it was) the manager for picking up on my purchasing patterns and offering me a more economic solution! This was a huge help and not only that...they asked how I would like my order packed. So I now have a freezer full of custom packed packages for easy thawing. Thanks to the staff and management!
    Alisha Proctor
  • Sarah Arnault
    This is the only place to get quality meat, and fantastic service everytime
    Sarah Arnault
  • Allan Ungaro
    On Christmas Eve we enjoyed the absolute best prime rib I have ever eaten. Thanks so much for the prep, seasoning and advice. Well done T-Bone's!!!!
    Allan Ungaro
  • Joyce L. Hopkins
    The Best meat shop in BC! I just wished I lived closer, so I could shop there every week. The staff is so kind along with the good prices. Thank you T Bones.
    Joyce L. Hopkins
  • Brenda Jensen Morgan
    The Staff are Friendly and always smiling. The product is awesome. We love the Maui Sirloin. We tried the peppercorn porkchops yesterday. They were great. We have made T-Bone's part of our Weekly Sunday Shopping. Great habit to get into. You never know what they will have instore for your next meal. Everything we have tried has been better than good.
    Brenda Jensen Morgan