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Strength is a defining feature in rehabilitation, both mentally and physically.

Strength in the body is essential for gaining and maintaining function, bone health, posture, body mechanics, joint function, and muscle balance. Incorporating strengthening exercises into a daily routine for pre/post-injury rehabilitation will help rebuild, repair, and stabilize the musculoskeletal system.

Strength of the mind is integral for growth, development, motivation, and goal setting. Mental strength is essential to overcome the obstacles incorporated with an accident, injury, or health conditions.

The mind-body connection infers that our feelings, thoughts, perceptions, and attitudes can positively and/or negatively affect our bodies functioning. Encompassing both physical and mental strength components will encourage the mind-body connection during rehabilitation.

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Determination by oneself can help surpass any and all obstacles. It can be willpower, an intention, or a purpose to achieve a goal. In rehabilitation, determination is a direct reflection of pushing oneself, both, mentally and physically toward an end result.

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Perseverance is continuing to work with maximal effort to achieve your goals in the face of adversity, obstacles and difficulties.

Overcoming an injury or illness will challenge the mind and the body to overcome unforeseen obstacles. There are many variables in every rehabilitation program and no case is ever the same. When dealing with pain, limitations, decreased range of motion, mobility, and functional abilities, perseverance is the only option to progress and achieve your goals. No matter how much doubt is present the end result can be positive and enlightening.

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Balance in the body can have multiple meanings. It can be balance between the mind and body, balance in the reflection of how one sees themselves, balance in each plane of motion, balance between the twin sets of muscles, and balance between reciprocal muscle(s) or groups of muscles.

Most people typically think of balance as the ability to stand, walk, or not fall over. This concept applies to development, stability, injuries, and aging. Working the stabilizer or stability muscles in the body, works towards greater function and furthermore safety in the environment and with activities of daily living.

Balance comes with stability and stability works for greater balance throughout the body. Stability is the essence of balance, an increase in stability will result in a greater balance throughout the body.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Rosanna Y.
    Our adult daughter K was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident several years ago. Suffering a devastating traumatic brain injury, where the right side of her body was almost paralyzed. She needed a lot of help to bring her life back normal. Amongst the numerous therapies and treatments such as physiotherapy, speech therapy hospital visits etc, the law firm that represents K in dealing with the insurance company recommended that we engaged the assistance of in home therapies. Alicia was the kinesiologist who came to our residence to work with K three times a week. She was always full of energy and patient with K. Alicia devised a series of programs to keep K interested and engaged. For the two years that Alicia worked with K, both my husband and I noticed the improvements exhibited in K’s physical and mental behavior. We were sorry to see Alicia moving away to pursue her career. We truly miss her.
    Rosanna Y.
  • Amy D.
    I have used Alicia as my kinesiologist for approximately 2 years. She had everything well organized and was very elaborate in her program planning. She leads you through a well thought out process as you are healing, she understands when you need to be pushed a little or pushed a lot . I am impressed with the results and I continue to use the amazing skills that she has taught me. I would not hesitate to recommend Alicia to anyone that wants to bring about a positive change and/or outlook to their rehabilitation.
    Amy D.
  • George B.
    I was involved in a motorcycle accident on August 6, 2017. I suffered a crushed ankle, broken shoulder blade, broken clavicle, and 7 broken ribs. Alicia worked with me for 3 months, and was able to get me back to work in 6 months, from the date of the accident well ahead of schedule. She is very knowledgeable and so easy to work with. She made my recovery enjoyable!
    George B.
  • Jean S.
    I met Alicia just before I returned to work, the year before I had been in a car accident which had resulted in my back being broken. The vertebrae had been severed and I had spent four months in a back brace. Returning to work was a victory but being able to manage my pain to keep my job a much bigger challenge. Working with Alicia not only furthered my recovery, it was critically instrumental in giving me the tools to manage my pain so that I could work. Putting your life together after a major injury is very difficult; and returning to work, earning an income a cornerstone to that rebuilding. I know that Alicia played a huge role in creating that reality. Thank you, Alicia!
    Jean S.
  • Marcella Huberdeau
    I am an OT with 25yrs experience. I have worked in many settings. I have had the pleasure of working with Alicia for several years. She provided kinesiology services in the areas of physical conditioning, work hardening, life skills and cognitive rehab for my clients. I have found Alicia to have a fantastic knowledge base and an excellent set of skills in the above-mentioned areas. She continually worked on improving her skills and knowledge to provide the best service possible. She conducted herself in professional manner, however also delivered a "down-to- earth" approach with clients. She has been invaluable in the rehabilitation and recovery of my clients.
    Marcella Huberdeau
  • Kris W.
    Following a MVA that left me with numerous fractures and a punctured lung I was lucky enough to have Alicia Keim appointed as my kinesiologist. She spent the next two years on my file and quickly became one of the most important people in my recovery. Alicia did a great job keeping me motivated, focused and hopeful, three things that did not come easy after the accident. Her ability to cater treatments specific to my injuries was impressive and her friendly, accommodating nature made our sessions positive and productive. I honestly don’t know where I’d be today had I not worked so closely with Alicia on my recovery, I would highly recommend her to my family and friends.
    Kris W.

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