My Story

I spent over 20 years in the corporate world in a variety of roles performing various tasks alongside good hearted and well-intentioned people. The business world was my university where I learned how to exploit all my abilities in exchange for creating value for my employers. It was also in the corporate world where my purpose first reared itself through managing people, creating strategies for attracting and retaining high performing individuals and leadership development. Like so many others, I have many labels like father, son, brother, friend, poet. And with all that I have achieved, my greatest accomplishment is my kids Harris, Zen and Irie. And as much as I love all my roles, I am much more than those labels. I have fully embraced my love for self, my purpose and my worthiness. I no longer ask the question, who am I, or why am I here, for I am here to experience it all in the good graces of the universe.

My Philosophy

We are evolution thus we are always evolving. All our experiences are of value for it is impossible to know light without dark.

Here are my guiding principles:

  • Believe in “You”
  • Live in the moment
  • The past is my vault of wisdom
  • Identify your purpose
  • Know you are worthy of your purpose
  • Never give up
  • The practice of gratitude is the foundation to abundance
  • Be willing to ‘evolve’
  • Do the work…no excuse
  • Be Humble
  • A Community Builder

    What does it mean to build an engaged, welcoming community that brings like-minded humans together? Welcoming in the sense where its people feel free, valued and the doors of opportunities are open for all to prosper. Like-minded in the sense that when issues arise our first action is to seek first to understand. Since moving to Kelowna in 2004, I have had the good fortune of connecting to our community through my various undertakings from being a football coach, teacher, speaker, cultural animator, spiritual mentor, to various board of director positions.

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    My Creative Flow

    Poet - Poetry called upon me nine years ago when I was an instructor at the Centre for Arts & Technology. It led me to creating an open mic show called the Inspired Word Café (, self-publishing my first book, being a cultural champion, an animator for culture days and being an ambassador for British Columbia Culture Days.

    Author - I have written two books of poetry, Truth Experienced, In Flow with Grace and contributor to Ignite Your Life for Men.

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    A Coach

    I am committed to assisting the shift of our human consciousness and being of service. I invite you to see and feel the power that lies within by unlocking your vault of wisdom. Get right with your past…bring meaning to the suffering…understand the practice of letting go. It all lies within you.

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    An Inspirational Speaker

    I have had the good fortunate of delivering many talks in the Okanagan from keynotes, panels, classrooms, events making, to business groups and workshops. I am always humbled and grateful and take it as a privilege when I am invited to be a part of an event.

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