Why buy this book? According to Dr. Diane Campeau, phD 'His poetry engaged us through every sentence and incite us to see his perspective on subjects he deems important. I invite you to meet Rawle, the man behind the poet, and to listen to his voice that carries words that flow like a river or strikes you as a wave.

A collection of poems that look at a variety of subjects that embraces our human experience through my perspective. It is my truth and not the truth.


IgniteYour Life for Men: (at present this book is only available in hard copy from the author)

Why buy this book? I am honoured to be one of thirty-five outstanding stories by men who are supporting each other and other men in becoming the powerfully- enlightened, courageously-awakened, conscious role models we are all born to be.

I am honoured to be one of the authors in the Ignite Your Life for Men compilation of extraordinary stories from evolved men in the areas of Health / Wellness, Business / Finance, Relationships / Parenting and Personal Growth.