• Rawle is an excellent coach and motivational speaker whose message and insight is both timely for the business and the individual client. His overall partnering skills are excellent, identifying appropriate touch-points throughout the engagement to ensure alignment and focus on skill improvement.

    Harshadkumar Patel
    Web Developer
  • Rawle has a skillful way of quickly connecting with people and supporting them to discover their best selves. He is a authentic, mindful, skilled facilitator and coach whose life experiences allow him to deeply connect with all walks. These experiences have paved a journey in supporting others to explore components of themselves that initially may have found difficult to navigate. I have hired Rawle to facilitate workshops as well as provide some one on one support to individuals and couples. Rawle is raw, genuine, and unique. He sees the world through the eyes of an eagle; always looking at the bigger, broader picture. Always looking at how he can support the community at large through working with the individual in front of him. Rawle is a very special human being and we are very fortunate to have him be of service to our communities.
    Nicole Conboy
    OK Clinical
  • I have had the honour of knowing Rawle James as a friend, colleague and mentor for the last four years. Rawle is a man of many trades and tools, and has always been generous in sharing his talents. Rawle has been an irreplaceable presence on the School District 23 Harmony Day Committee, an organization I have belonged to for several years. The committee strives to not just accept, but celebrate diversity. He embodies this motive on a day-to-day basis. It is evident in how he carries himself in every space and place. In honour of Harmony Day, Rawle has spoken to large groups of students on issues of race, equality, and the concept of “human.” He has also contributed valuable time and effort in producing and performing poetry related to this same endeavour.

    In my role as a high school teacher, I have had Rawle come speak to each one of my classes for the last four years. He donates his time in hopes of helping young people realize and appreciate their own potential. His talks are ad lib and have a no-nonsense quality that goes a long way with students. There is a rawness in Rawle’s approach that is cutting, yet compassionate. He has a way of skimming through the surface and having students self reflect through a positive lens. My students always ask about when “the big guy with dreads” is going to be coming back. As Rawle always says, each and every one of us is worthy, and it’s only a matter of recognizing it. By the end of his talk, he always manages to get at least one of my quiet student “to speak his/her truth.”

    While summing up or describing Rawle is an impossible task, one can say that: The light never discriminates in the spaces it illuminates,as such, the dark never hesitates to embrace the warmth that it’s bright sister offers.

    Mrs. Harmeet Pakkar
    Teacher, Rutland Senior Secondary
  • Melissa
    I was fortunate enough the "I Am Enough" workshop facilitated by Rawle James. At first, I was a little hesitant to speak up and participate, but Rawle has a way about him that makes you feel very welcomed and comfortable. He asks thought provoking questions and encourages you to look inside and challenge the thoughts that do not serve you. It was a wonderful learning experience for me, and I encourage anyone who is struggling with thoughts of self-doubt to sign up for this workshop. It's so worth it and so are you!
  • We had Rawle come into our office to facilitate the 'Beyond the Discomfort' workshop on human (race) relations. Our staff found the experience to be super helpful as we shared personal experiences that resulted in a greater understand to our immigrant roots and backgrounds. In sharing our stories we identified common experiences that crossed ethnicities and it was an invite to look within as to what conscious or unconscious stereotypes and biases exist. As a result, we are a closer group because of the shared experience of 'Beyond the Discomfort' workshop provided. I would highly recommend this workshop to any organization who wants to cultivate a more diverse culture not just in people but of thoughts and creativity. Your team and corporate culture will excel.

    Barry Chretien
    Buzz Marketing
  • Katie Nault
    Rawle is one of a kind. He has the innate ability to make instant connections with people young and old. He is a wise soul who deeply cares about others. He has led countless sessions on several themes with my classes over the years and the students are constantly asking me when he is coming back! I would highly recommend Rawle as a mentor and speaker. He brings the gift of calm, wise and insightful energy to every person he connects with.
    Katie Nault
    SD 23 teacher