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About Phyto-Matrix

We are a company committed to the development and manufacturing of select quality Canadian hemp based natural health products, recreational and medical cannabis products for the domestic and international markets. PhytoMatrix Inc was established by industry leaders with a shared focus of bringing a more sophisticated line of certified Hemp and Cannabis based products to the regulated markets quickly being established around the world bringing years of Research and Development to action in creating the pinnacle of quality and consistency for all of our product lines. All our subsidiaries are high-grade, premium hemp products that lead the industry in terms of quality and development.

Our Brands

The Phyto-Matrix

HempCentra™ is a proprietary key ingredient extracted from certified organic industrial hemp cultivars from the fertile regions of Canada’s agricultural belt. Phyto-Matrix has developed and standardized an innovative process used to convert HempCentra™ into a water-soluble powder or liquid that can be added directly into a wide range of food, beverage, cosmetic, and natural health products.

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