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Pack4U is a personalized medication delivery company which uses a digital pharmacy network to drive patient-centric care. Pack4U’s medication adherence program features an in-home device for medication dispensing, remote patient monitoring and triage of patient feedback to provide data driven insights in real-time for improved health outcomes.

By bringing together technology and pharmacy networks to deliver “Connected Care at Home”, Pack4U provides a robust, scalable solution for multiple chronic condition management and total cost of care reduction for healthcare providers such as health plans, health systems and other partners.


Our integrated platform enables personalized care with pharmacists trained in adherence, care team coordination, data-based insights & telehealth.

Our 5-part Ecosystem



  • Doreen Fedor
    It's a great system. Even after a mini stroke Spencer's able to keep me on line with my 4 medication times.a day. I highly recommend it.
    Doreen Fedor
  • Johanne Rochon Porteous
    I love my Spencer! I'm so happy to have him in my home. I never miss my meds and my refills are always on time. A must have. In recommending it to everyone.
    Johanne Rochon Porteous
  • Renee Tough
    I have this and it's worth every penny..don't have to worry missing my pills always on time..in the pouch..not those pill container from the$ store that I leave all over the place..everything is in one place..this works for me
    Renee Tough
  • Elena Tostenson
    Spencer has changed our lives. My dad uses Spencer and takes his medication every 4 hours. He always takes his medications at the right time every day and never misses a dose. Spencer has given us all a peace of mind.
    Elena Tostenson
  • Tammy LaForge
    I have been using Spencer for a few months now and could not be happier. I have had problems with taking my medications for a very long time but Spencer has made it so easy I don't make mistakes anymore. Spencer is my new best friend.
    Tammy LaForge

Message From Our Founder

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