• N-Force All Natural Organic Plant Wash - Five Stars
    Easy to follow and provides the plant the natural defenses it needs to resist pests and other issues including powder mildew. The plants are so healthy they basically take care of themselves. A world class formula for success and meets the Gold Standard we demand.
    Ross Rebagliati
  • N-Force All Natural Organic Plant Wash - Five Stars
    I was skeptical at first. How much better could an odd collection of organic inputs be compared to the carefully administered synthetic formulations I'd used with such success? Well the results are dramatic, and evident very quickly. Leaves become a lustrous jade green, and flower sites grow and expand at an outstanding pace.
    Michael Martinez
  • N-Force All Natural Organic Plant Wash - Five Stars
    I used the suggested mixture rate and was nervous, with so many products failing me over the years I usually diluted products to half of what the manufacturer suggests in fear of the "what if's". Well not this time... guess what? No burn, no phytoxitity, no signs of stress. and NO BUGS!

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Currently, N-Force is not a registered pesticide - or approved by Health Canada. We make no claims to killing bugs on contact or being a preventative measure for Powdery Mildew. We have started the process of approval from Health Canada to become a recognized pesticide fit for Cannabis use.

There are plenty of reasons to choose N-Force for your plants

We stand behind our product. When used with a proper IPM program, N-Force will produce incredibly healthy, fully organic flowers.

Be a part of an all natural movement


N-Force is an all natural, earth friendly solution that doesn't contain toxins or harmful chemicals. Our plant wash is great for indoor & outdoor gardens.

The Origins of N-Force

Jamie Morrison, the founder of Destiny Grow Systems (a multi-million dollar company) is also a co- founder of N-Force. This plant spray has been hand made for the past 20 years and shared with a lucky few, until now. We took the formula to an approved manufacturing facility and had it made, but before releasing it, we trialed it one more time. The manufactured N-Force was given to cultivators under the ACMPR program to try, and the most common statement from everyone was "The plants love it and bugs hate it." Our product is simple to use but requires you to follow the step by step instructions that are listed on the pamphlet. We suggest that you spray or wash your plants with N-Force twice a week which will encourage a healthy plant. The oils are extracted from their plant source using steam or cold pressed methods ensuring that there are no hydrocarbon residues.

Our Active Ingredients

  • Clove Bud oil - Known for its ability to kill insects on contact
  • Yucca - Provides natural plant hormones and acts as a natural wetting agent to deliver water to crop plants during stress. The phytogenic chemicals naturally found in yucca help plants use water and nutrients effectively during the growth cycle.
  • Tea Tree oil - Highly aromatic and known for its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory properties
  • Cinnamon oil - Known for its natural insect repelling properties
  • Palmarosa oil - Contains geraniol which is known to be an anti-microbial compound. This is another ingredient that has been known to exhibit pest repellent properties.

Wholesale Opportunities for Earth Friendly Entrepreneurs

Part of our mission at N-Force is to have ecologically responsible products like ours eventually replace the current products on the market chalked full of toxins and harmful chemicals. If you're a retailer or distributor that would like to help us achieve that goal, we have a program for you.

Join the N-Force wholesaler program and receive bulk orders at a discount, and help spread the word of earth friendly, ethical products that make a difference not only to the quality of your final product but to the health of our planet.

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