• Easy to follow and provides the plant the natural defenses it needs to resist pests and other issues including powder mildew. The plants are so healthy they basically take care of themselves. A world class formula for success and meets the Gold Standard we demand.
    Ross Rebagliati
  • I was skeptical at first. How much better could an odd collection of organic inputs be compared to the carefully administered synthetic formulations I'd used with such success? Well the results are dramatic, and evident very quickly. Leaves become a lustrous jade green, and flower sites grow and expand at an outstanding pace.
    Michael Martinez
  • I used the suggested mixture rate and was nervous, with so many products failing me over the years I usually diluted products to half of what the manufacturer suggests in fear of the "what if's". Well not this time... guess what? No burn, no phytoxitity, no signs of stress. and NO BUGS!

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