About Me

My name is Tara and I am mobile hypnotherapist in the Okanagan helping people heal from trauma, addiction, anxiety, sleep insomnia and more. I enhance many areas of life by going through the subconscious mind, finding those exact moments of trauma, and guiding you through healing.

Vancouver born and raised, I relocated to the Okanagan 3 years ago with my family - two boys age 7 and 9 years old. Hypnotherapy has been my passion for over 3 years as it drastically changed my life. I have healed and learned how to deal with anxiety, stress and childhood trauma along with healing and overcoming an alcohol addiction. Without hypnotherapy I wouldn't be sober and the best person and mother I can be.

Since I have been through many of the same things my clients have they come to me knowing I have a real connection and ability to help. I feel more people need to understand the importance of healing and removing old stories and beliefs to create a more successful happy life.

My Services


What I Do

I can help you heal from a variety of symptoms in 1-4 sessions depending on the symptom or severity.

Facts & Myths

  • You can heal in as little as ONE session.
  • You can’t EVER be hypnotized unless you want to and have given permission!
  • YOU will never do or say anything you don’t want to!
  • NO I am not a stage hypnotist and I CANNOT make you quack like a chicken nor do I want to.
  • Stage hypnotist are VERY different then a clinical hypnotherapist. I take my job very serious and I am here to heal not play games with people.

How It Works

Hypnotherapy Kelowna
We begin the session with you sitting or laying down to get into a relaxed physical and mental state.
Hypnotherapy Kelowna
I will help guide you into a deep relaxation where you are fully calm and at peace.
Hypnotherapy Kelowna
Once completely relaxed, your conscious mind will step back and your subconscious mind will step forward.
Hypnotherapy Kelowna
I guide you back to specific memories allowing the process of reprogramming positive emotions to begin.

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What My Clients Are Saying

  • Miranda
    Tara's methods are exactly what I needed in my life. My sessions with her always leave me feeling positive and rejuvenated. I highly recommend this business!
  • Deeya
    Just did a hypnosis session with Tara Henderson! She does amazing work! She helped me with social anxiety, confidence and inner work. I would recommend her for those who are looking to do a session!
  • Maddison
    I've tried meditating, I always fall asleep. I've done self led hypnosis using REM and counting, that also leads me to a deep sleep. Never have I ever actually had success in feeling something after mindfulness work in the way I intend. Tara is absolutely wonderful, and I look forward to many more productive sessions with her. Thank you you helping me get back to my healthiest self!!