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Botany Naturals


When it comes to beauty products, there’s more to the equation than just the way you look. The way you feel matters too–so when you use one of our all-natural products, you’re not just getting that gorgeous glow; you’re also getting a product that energizes and enhances your entire system. Our full line of skin care and mineral makeup products are enriched with high-grade organic hemp oil and essential oils that give your skin, hair and body a boost toward ideal overall health.


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At Botany Naturals, our first mission is quality. We start by inventing our own products and then making them in small batches. Innovation is important to us as well–and that’s why we strive to use minimal packaging and little or no preservatives, with only natural ingredients. We are committed to our local community too, and that’s why we source our organic hemp oil–a key ingredient in our products–from local farmers we know by name. To us, hemp is not a passing fad; it’s a high-quality super food for your hair and skin. We also support sourcing our products from companies that do not conduct or commission tests on animals, so that you know you’re supporting a company that cares about the wider world as much as we do our customers.

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Product Reviews

  • Botany Naturals skin care line is FABULOUS! I was a bit nervous to try it out (as I am with any new products on my skin) because my skin is so sensitive, but found it to be just the system my finicky skin needed! After a few weeks of using the toner and night cream, I found my face was not only hydrated all day but also felt so smooth and clear of breakouts! The cream is light and smells awesome, its hard to believe it's made from all natural ingredients!
    Tenecia Richards
  • I absolutely love these fine products. I especially like the "Satin Soft Night Creme" with jojoba and carrot oil, and their mercury-free mascara is the best I have ever used. All their products are gentle, safe and effective. I have studied wholistic nutrition and understand the importance of nourishing our bodies. We know that our digestive systems absorb the nutrients we need to stay healthy, but we also need to be aware that our skin absorbs nutrients well. These products truly deliver what the skin needs. The modern era has been waiting for an innovative product line like Botany Naturals for too long!
    Maggie Kinnear
    R.H.N. (Registired Holistic Nutritionist)
  • I have been using the mascara and body lotion for a month now. I am loving them! Never will I switch back to store brought, these products feel amazing. I never have itchy Eyes like I used to. My skin is nice and hydrated instantly. Usually having to reapply body lotions, this lasts me throughout the day!
    Robyn Raby
    Hair Stylist
  • My favourite product is the loose mineral powder. I like it because you get good coverage without the chalky look.
    Devon Brown
    Make-up Artist & Esthetician
  • I've been using the Replenish lotion on my legs for a month now. In the past I've struggled with very dry skin under my work boots. This is the only thing that has ever worked.
    Cole Gluszkowski
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