The first thing I thought when I met Hashy Hands was “Old Soul”. Wiser to the world than the years in this current life. He is a very quiet, unassuming humble person, but don’t let his age or traits fool you. This man is making his mark in the cannabis industry very quickly and gaining the highest levels of respect from the current leaders who have 20-30 years on him (in this life)

Trained under the Jedi makers of hash, Hashy Hands is an artisanal hash maker whose passion is clearly seen by the product he produces. He only uses the highest quality flower, grown with Destiny Grow Systems. When the flower is ready, it is sent off for lab testing, proving that it is of the highest quality in all regards. Now the alchemy begins and Hashy Hands will create some of the most extraordinary products using a solvent less proprietary system. That is a fancy way to say this man creates the best Hash without chemicals. Sit back and know that you are enjoying one of Canada’s finest.