Here's Why We Do
What We Do

We believe in the remarkable natural potential that cannabis can provide for patients globally.

Enabling this medical potential is at the heart of what we do.

Bringing the highest quality medicine to every patient is the key driver for everything we do at Potanicals.


Advancement of Technology

We believe that with every industry a key differentiation lies in advancement in technology. We are constantly looking at improving both our process and technology to ultimately bring the best quality product to market.

Aeroponic Growth Methodology

The advantages of aeroponics go beyond the obvious. A plant grown in the absence of a growth medium lacks the soil environment that harbors eggs for mites, the organics for bacteria and mold to develop. In addition to the 90% less water and half of the nutrient use, this method produces the highest yields with the shortest plant life cycles out of any method know. We are constantly developing processes and hardware that can be patented for protected use in the safe cultivation of cannabis.

Compassionate Pricing

We believe that patients who truly need their medicine and who might not be able to afford it should still have access. Please contact us to discuss our compassionate pricing and "pay it forward" programs.


Strains of Cannabis That
Will Work For You

Choosing the right strain of cannabis is an important step in your treatment and can make a big difference in your day-to-day quality of life, but it can be daunting, especially if you are new to medical marijuana. In our FAQ section, we explain Sativa vs Indica strains, THC vs CBD and share a lot of other helpful information.

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Unique Strains, each grown
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Where Science Meets Nature Meets Wellness


Featured FAQs

Additional FAQs

What payment methods do you accept for orders?
Currently, we accept payments via VISA, MasterCard, Certified Cheque, Money Orders as well as Online Banking through RBC, BMO, ScotiaBank, Caisse Populaires, National Bank and Credit Union.
Can I return or exchange my medical cannabis?
Due to the nature of the product, all sales of medical cannabis are final. Please contact our Client Service Team if you have any questions or concerns related to your purchase. They can be reached by phone (778) 479-2458 or by email,
Do you sell edibles, oils, tinctures or any other prepared derivative of marijuana?
We are hoping to be able to offer Oils and other cannabis derivatives by the Spring 2018.
How many strains do you currently have in production?
We currently working on expanding our strain offering. Stay tuned for further products and strains coming soon. Our strain development program includes securing seed stock from Israel. To learn more about our current products click here.
How is your product tested?
Our product is tested in accordance with Health Canada’s guidelines. We use an external laboratory that is accredited to conduct these specific tests and verify our compliance with the ACMPR.
What is in my client welcome kit?
Our Client Welcome Kit is provided for free to every registered patient to help consume their medicine in an effective manner. It consists of a copy of the welcome to Potanicals book, a waterproof travel container and your personalized client card. Contact us to learn more!
How can I place my order?
Patients can place their order by phone or online. Upon receiving your registration letter, you will also receive a link to set your log-in credentials for the webstore.
Do you offer any type of discount to qualified recipients of social assistance or government disability programs?
Yes, we offer a 25% discount for all orders placed by qualified patients. Qualifying is simple. We just need a copy of your most current notice of assessment or provincial attestation of disability and we will take care of the rest. Click here to apply.
What is the ACMPR?
ACMPR stands for Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. It is the regulation administered by Health Canada that controls the production and distribution of medical marihuana. The ACMPR assures patients and doctors that the medical cannabis prescribed has been manufactured in a controlled, secure and regulated environment. To learn more about the ACMPR please visit the Health Canada website.
Will my health insurance cover this?
Currently, medical marijuana is not covered by most health care insurance or provincial formularies. The notable exceptions to this are Canadian Veterans, members of the RCMP and the Department of National Defense. Potanicals is committed to investing in the research required to move towards advancing insurance coverage for this medicine.
Can you help me get a prescription?
Potanicals is licensed to produce medical marijuana. Only your health care professional can prescribe medical marijuana and is uniquely positioned to make that decision with you. We can coach you on the necessary forms to bring into your doctor with you.
How is the product shipped?
The product is shipped discreetly by Canada Post XpressPost, and requires a photo ID and signature upon delivery. We offer a $10 flat rate for all shipments, orders over 30g will qualify for free shipping.
Where can I learn more about medical marijuana?
Health Canada is the authority on the regulated use of medical marijuana in Canada. It provides comprehensive information about the ACMPR and should be consulted first. Other sources are the Canadian Consortium for the Investigations of Cannabidiols at and the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Resources at
Are all your products grown organically?
No, we grow both organic & non-organic cannabis within the same facility to provide multiple options for our clients.

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